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Strawberry Varieties

There are many varieties of strawberry to grow, here is a list of the most popular strawberry plants.

1. Surecrop - June Bearing
This variety of strawberry is named surecrop due to the huge harvest you get with this early season plant. The plant produces medium sized round berries that are both sweet and tart. Surecrop is also very easy to grow, even in unsatisfactory conditions. Surecrop June Bearing Strawberry Seed Pack - Buy Now!

2. Ozark Beauty - Everbearing
If you want to grow large succulent strawberries throughout the summer, Ozark Beauty is for you. This variety grows unusually large strawberries that are also very sweet. Everbearing strawberries produce 2 large harvests, one in the spring and one more later in the the summer with a few scattered berries in between.

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3. Earliglow - June Bearing
Earliglow would be a great addition to a June Bearing patch as it would start your harvest early. Earliglow aptly named because it produces strawberries so much earlier than other June Bearing strawberries. These strawberries are great to grow and resistant to many strawberry diseases.

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4. Alpine Strawberries
One of the most popular strawberries out there, also known as "wild strawberries". Alpine grows delicious little berries that have a whole lot of flavor. This plant has no runners, and reproduces by dropping seeds  on the ground.

Alpine Strawberry Perennial - 8 Plants - Fragaria

5. Evie Strawberries - Everbearing
These everbearers produce two large crops of some nice red strawberries, these berries are perfect for snacking or making homeade jam. Evie Strawberries grow great in pots and planters, try them out today.

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